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We work with ISTAV every day and we are happy with it. We also appreciate the customer care.

Ing. Pavel Tocháček


“In 2011, our company started using Istav’s services to monitor market opportunities. This service has proven successful, and we have extended our contract for 2012 as well. We particularly appreciate the simple and intuitive administration interface in which we can monitor individual opportunities, the possibility of filtering opportunities according to individual market segments, the possibility of working with an agent, thanks to which we always have up-to-date information on the status of individual opportunities. We also appreciate the effort of your company to perfect and improve the offer of the Istav service. We will continue to use your services in 2013 and we believe that this year we will be able to generate additional business opportunities from the information we have acquired.”

Libuše Pitelková

Marketing manager AV MEDIA, a.s.

“Our company, as an authorized trading partner of the largest European window and door manufacturer of the Austrian company INTERNORM, established cooperation with ISTAV in 2012 and thanks to this service, we have succeeded in substantially expanding the customer portfolio in this segment. So we have decided to use ISTAV’s services in 2013 as well in agreement with our contractual partner, to extend the scope of activities for further construction and electrical work. With the perfect ISTAV system, it is possible to achieve considerable savings in side costs and time flexibility, while at the same time substantially improving work with the customer, which is the most important in the current market and within competition for every entrepreneur.”

František Kadlčík

Sales Representative Petr Kulík OKNA–DVEŘE–PODLAHY

“The construction company RBK a.s. has been active in the field of land and civil engineering in the Czech Republic for more than 23 years and provides the construction of industrial complexes, reinforced concrete monolithic structures, as well as residential and civil buildings. We started using ISTAV in 2011 with the goal of acquiring and expanding a portfolio of new customers. This service has proven itself since then, and we have been using it till now. Thanks to the Istav system, we have an up-to-date overview of upcoming contracts related to our industry.”

Construction company

RBK a.s.

“We have been using ISTAV for more than 2 years in our company. And thanks to it, we have gained a more comprehensive overview of potential orders and it has overall helped us to maintain a good position in the market.”

ČR Beton Bohemia spol. s r.o.


Communicating with our clients is an opportunity for us to get feedback from users of our services, also an important means for us to create optimal conditions for maximizing the benefits of using the ISTAV service. In communication with clients, we do not only address questions or requests from clients, but we actively train our clients to work with the application, actively help to search for the most suitable projects in the database, actively motivate clients to use the information, or regularly inform the user about the number of new, updated projects or the novelties we have prepared for our clients.

In order to ensure maximum comfort for our customers in addressing requests or in the course of further communication, a specific employee from the customer care department always cares for each customer from the beginning, who is able to handle all types of requests from the start of the service.



More than 1,560 implemented trainings ISTAV-Xplorer product users (new clients, refresher training, new employees/users of existing clients), carried out annually through our customer care department.


The capacity of more than 8,000 working hours per year are prepared for direct communication with our clients and addressing their needs or requirements.


The number of sent information emails about the number of new and updated projects in specific ISTAV-Xplorer user profiles.

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